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Outfield Communication [ARTICLE]

by USA Baseball on

The best outfielder communicates well with his teammates. This helps both the other outfielders and infielders to understand where each player is and...... Continue

Cutoff Positioning for a Ball Hit to Left Field [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

As we move into situational defense, we need to address the standard cutoff positioning of the infielders for singles hit to the outfield. This standard...... Continue

Backing Up Plays [ARTICLE]

by USA Baseball on

No matter the level of baseball, errors are a big part of the game. While back-ups may not eliminate errors, they will certainly limit the number of extra bases...... Continue

Outfield Defense: How To Read the Ball - Steven E. Michael [ARTICLE]

by Steven E. Michael on

Amazing catches from outfielders are really fun to watch. Highlights on evening sports shows are filled with outfielders and their spectacular plays. Most times the grabs made by outfielders defy logic. People say, "How did he make that catch?" ... Continue

The Seven Sins of Outfield Play [ARTICLE]

by Steven E. Michael on

The goal of outfielders is to cleanly field the ball and efficiently get it back to the infield. I have selected seven sins that outfielders do that prevent them from achieving that goal. And if you can get your outfielders to correct these...... Continue