Cutoff Positioning for a Ball Hit to Left Field [ARTICLE]

Cutoff Positioning for a Ball Hit to Left Field
By: Kenny Thomas and DJ King

Originally Published in: Baseball Steps to Success

Provided by: Human Kinetics


As we move into situational defense, we need to address the standard cutoff positioning of the infielders for singles hit to the outfield. This standard positioning is the foundation for tandem relays later on. For details, see figure 7.16.


1. On any single hit to the left side of second base, the shortstop lines up between the base being thrown to and the outfielder fielding the ball, as shown in figure 7.16. The second baseman is the cutoff for any ball hit to the right side of second base.

2. The infielder covering the base that is being thrown to is in charge of lining up the cutoff man, the infielder who gets into position to line up a throw from the out-field. The cutoff man catches the throw from the outfield if the throw does not line up with the base to which it is intended to go.

3. The first baseman drifts inside the first-base bag as the runner rounds the base. The first baseman makes sure that the runner touches the base. If the runner does not attempt to advance. the first baseman should be prepared for a throw behind the runner from the cutoff man. If the runner attempts to advance to second, the first baseman trails the runner to the bag. While this is going on, the pitcher, catcher, and third baseman stay near their positions in case of overthrows.


If you are not lined up correctly, the relay will take longer to get to the base.


Communication must be loud and crisp so that you are properly in line and so that you make the correct relay throw, given that your back is to the base runners.

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13 Nov 2017

By Human Kinetics
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