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A Different Practice [ARTICLE]


Albeit that I have coached for decades this being my 50th year, every season presents a new learning experience. This year despite stealing an inordinate...... Continue

Study: Traditional 'Pitch Counts' Aren't Doing Enough to Help High School Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Too many pitches can be bad news for a young pitcher's arm and shoulder health. That's why pitch counts have become a trusted way to guard against...... Continue

NCAA Eligibility Center [ARTICLE]

by NCAA on

When the goal is college athletics, the secret to success for many student-athletes often comes down to a simple premise: Knowing what...... Continue

Teaching Players to See the Game for Themselves [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

A good defensive team does a lot of communicating. They communicate with teammates before the ball is hit and when the play is ongoing. They...... Continue

Watching for and Avoiding Burnout [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Coaches sometimes joke that there are only two times when they feel stressed-day and night. Although that story represents the extreme case, certainly...... Continue

Encourage Athletes [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Another major role of the coach during competitions is to recognize and praise athletes. According to world-renowned soccer coach Sir Alex...... Continue

Color Coded Mindsets For Baseball [ARTICLE]

by Baseball By The Yard on

If you have been in the Marines or are in the gun world, you probably have heard of Colonel Jeff Cooper. Cooper was considered to be one of the world's top experts...... Continue

Parents and Playing Time [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

Ask a coach about dealing with parents and you are likely to get several eye-rolls and a few choice words. I'm not sure who said it but the best quote about...... Continue

Two Things You Cannot Teach [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

Baseball By The Yard was designed to teach the game of baseball to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, there are two major concepts that lead to success...... Continue

Coach Communication Guidelines Self-Assessment [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

1. Messages should be direct. Coaches who are weak on this quality avoid straightforward, direct communication. Their athletes may not know where they stand. These coaches assume others...... Continue