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A Different Practice [ARTICLE]


Albeit that I have coached for decades this being my 50th year, every season presents a new learning experience. This year despite stealing an inordinate...... Continue

Study: Traditional 'Pitch Counts' Aren't Doing Enough to Help High School Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Too many pitches can be bad news for a young pitcher's arm and shoulder health. That's why pitch counts have become a trusted way to guard against...... Continue

9 Components of a Fantastic Arm Care Program for Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

A pitcher has to take care of their arm. If you clicked on this article, you likely know that much. My goal with this piece is to make you re-evaluate your arm...... Continue

Make Time for Your Catchers [ARTICLE]

by Inside Pitch Online on

Many high school programs have a similar problem: their catchers don't get enough practice time. Most of the issues fall into two categories: a lack of catching...... Continue

Does Your Pitching Velocity Dip During the Season? Here's Why [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

A high school pitcher trains his butt off during the off-season but stops completely when the season actually begins. I see it all too often. In my opinion, the...... Continue

NCAA Eligibility Center [ARTICLE]

by NCAA on

When the goal is college athletics, the secret to success for many student-athletes often comes down to a simple premise: Knowing what...... Continue

The Importance of Being Aggressive Early at the Plate [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

As all of my readers know, baseball is a very cerebral game. The difference between winning and losing & succeeding and failing at the game...... Continue

Teaching Players to See the Game for Themselves [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

A good defensive team does a lot of communicating. They communicate with teammates before the ball is hit and when the play is ongoing. They...... Continue

Outfield Communication [ARTICLE]

by USA Baseball on

The best outfielder communicates well with his teammates. This helps both the other outfielders and infielders to understand where each player is and...... Continue

10 Ways to Improve Your Bullpen Sessions [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

1. Have a game mindset. A pitcher is going to have to do a lot of thinking during games so it's in their interest to practice that same thinking during...... Continue