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Bunting: Push Out/Drag Out - Chris Hanks with Colorado Mesa Univ. [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Chris Hanks explains this combo drill as batters demonstrate push and drag bunts and pitchers practice fielding these bunts. ... Continue

A Different Practice [ARTICLE]


Albeit that I have coached for decades this being my 50th year, every season presents a new learning experience. This year despite stealing an inordinate...... Continue

Hitting: Cushion Margin - Mike Bard - YSPN360 [VIDEO]

by YSPN360 on

Watch as's hitting instructor, Mike Bard, demonstrates how creating a cushion, based on a hitter's unique mechanics, sets up the best opportunity for solid contact even though the timing is off.... Continue

Infielder's Footwork Drills - Jan Weisberg - Birmingham-Southern College [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Jan Weisberg explains and players demonstrate these footwork drills with an emphasis on footwork and posture. ... Continue

Pitching Grips with Mike Schultz: Two-seam Fastball [VIDEO]

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Watch as's Coach Mike Schultz demonstrates the proper two-seam fastball grip - including the correct way for youth pitchers with smaller hands to grip the pitch.... Continue

9 Components of a Fantastic Arm Care Program for Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

A pitcher has to take care of their arm. If you clicked on this article, you likely know that much. My goal with this piece is to make you re-evaluate your arm...... Continue

Pitching - Quick Spin Pickoff - J.D. Arteaga - University of Miami [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach J.D. Arteaga explains and a pitcher demonstrates this quick spin pickoff move. ... Continue

Make Time for Your Catchers [ARTICLE]

by Inside Pitch Online on

Many high school programs have a similar problem: their catchers don't get enough practice time. Most of the issues fall into two categories: a lack of catching...... Continue

When a Batter Causes a Balk - Baseball Rules Academy [VIDEO]

by Baseball Rules Academy on

Watch as Major League Umpire Ted Barrett discusses the situation of when a batter causes a balk. ... Continue

Pitching - Mound Visits - Karl Kuhn - Univ. of Virginia [VIDEO]

by Mohegan Sun World Baseball Coaches' Convention on

Watch as Coach Karl Kuhn discusses what he wants to attack on a mound visit. ... Continue