2 Knee Balance Drill - J.D. Arteaga - University of Miami [VIDEO]


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Rich Sammon
Ridgefield CT
A good start but could be better...

I'm sorry but theres a few points I agree to disagree. This is misinformed information and is old school teaching...its a good start but it could be even better - glove knee should be ahead of throwing knee...its game like - don't tuck your glove....bring body to glove not glove to body....keep glove in front of torso but off the torso...helps with vector Mgmt ...tucking glove prevents a closer release point to home plate - don't teach hand direction on the baseball..that's not a teach..different for each pitcher...as long as hand is behind the baseball...your way is one...palm facing ground is another...whatever is comfy for pitcher is what they should do - you could also tell audience how to hold a baseball properly since it's the last part of the body that controls the baseball - you could also mention players can rehearse secondary pitches this way as it doesn't tax the arm when on your knees. Thanks & THINK Baseball!

January 2017

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