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Elastic Power Circuit - Joey Votto Training [VIDEO]

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Watch: Elastic Power Circuit - Joey Votto Training ... Continue

South Alabama Rhythm Hitting Drill [VIDEO]

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Watch: South Alabama Rhythm Hitting Drill... Continue

Pitcher Chris Archer's Shoulder Maintenance Workout [VIDEO]

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Watch as Pitcher Chris Archer uses a shoulder maintenance workout to keep his arm healthy and strong throughout the season.... Continue

How to Get More Strikes for Your Pitcher - Baseball By The Yard [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Bob McCreary discusses a catcher's glove position in assisting the pitcher in getting more strikes. ... Continue

Eligibility and Recruiting Webinar - Dan Eassa [VIDEO]

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Assist coaches in understanding the ins and outs of Eligibility and Recruiting. ... Continue

Troy Tulowitzki on His Fielding Techinque [VIDEO]

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Watch as MLB SS Troy Tulowitzki demonstrates proper fielding technique tips and tricks.... Continue