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Batting tee drills ... that don’t involve hitting! - Bob McCreary [ARTICLE]

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Shortstop - Across the Bag Drill: A common mistake for shortstops is unnecessarily catching a double play ball directly over the bag. To target this, a batting tee can come in handy. Place the tee with a ball on it about 1 - 3 feet on the second...... Continue

Baseball Swing Exercises to Improve Hitting Power [ARTICLE]

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Locating and driving a 90-mph fastball is one of the most impressive feats of hand-eye coordination in all of sports. It's the one skill where if you succeed only 30 percent of the time, you are considered elite.... Continue

Runner at Third, Infield Back, Less Than Two Outs [ARTICLE]

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With a runner at third, less than two outs, and the infield playing back, the hitter is in a great position to collect an RBI because he can do so without getting a base hit. To be in this position, the hitter has benefited from his teammate's...... Continue

Hitting behind a runner at first base [ARTICLE]

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Left-Handed Batters. Obviously, for a left handed batter, this strategy is much simpler because all the batter must try to do is pull a ball through the right side. Although most hitters find it easier to pull balls, left handers still should...... Continue

Six Station Batting Practice [ARTICLE]

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When setting up a hitting rotation, cover as many of the six elements of offense as possible. The focus should be strictly on offense; do not use a defense. Facilities play a big factor in what a team can accomplish. In this example we use the...... Continue

Practice Tips for Hitting Drills [ARTICLE]

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The batting tee is probably the best piece of hitting equipment known to man. It allows players to practice all by themselves in many different settings. To get the most out of one (or two depending on the drill!) be sure the follow these tips...... Continue

Bat Discipline [ARTICLE]

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Baseball coaches will all admit that the physical proficiency in hitting is keyed on meeting the ball squarely with good bat speed. They would further admit that this is a very difficult skill to master, and this is the reason why all coaches are...... Continue

Try This Baseball Hitting Drill For a Balanced Swing [ARTICLE]

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The Step-Back Hitting Drill is a favorite of mine, because it addresses so many aspects of the swing. Incorporate it into your training to reinforce your weight shift, keep your shoulders level, control your stride length and shore up overall timing.... Continue

How to Get the Most Benefit from Live BP Sessions [ARTICLE]

by John Cohen on

The actual hitting part of live BP ranks a distant 3rd in terms of importance to us at Mississippi State. That sounds a little crazy, but that's our opinion. In terms of offense, many coaches believe that it starts and ends with live BP. It's our...... Continue

A safety tip for batting practice [ARTICLE]

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I heard this batting practice idea from the current head coach at Villanova University (Joe Godri) and I think it is a great one for a number of reasons. It involves moving the shag bucket(s) to a safer location during batting practice. In the...... Continue