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Common Mechanical Errors of Hitting [ARTICLE]

by USA Baseball on

Because of the numerous mechanical aspects that comprise a baseball swing, it is by far the hardest skill to master in athletics. It could...... Continue

Eight Ways to Get a Quality At-Bat [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Clearly defining for players exactly what a quality at-bat is helps them understand clearly how they can contribute to the offense. Our program has identified eight ways to earn a quality at-bat...... Continue

The 4 Fundamentals of Hitting a Baseball [ARTICLE]

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You've probably heard someone say, "hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports." They weren't lying. Hitting a baseball is no easy task, and it gets harder and harder the older you get. By the time you reach high school...... Continue

5 Steps to Improving Your Batting Skills [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

The best baseball hitters don't just go up to the plate and hack at the ball. They have a process they follow both mentally and physically to maximize their results. All athletes who participate in our training program or on our team understand...... Continue

The Swing: (Lead with Hands) [ARTICLE]

by Baseball Concepts on

Begin the swing coming from the load position by bringing the hands forward and down towards the hitting zone. Hands should be brought into the hitting zone, as player begins slight rotation in the hips - do not pull out the front shoulder...... Continue

Developing an Offensive Approach Against Opponents and Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

As you develop an offensive approach for the season, you must evaluate the skills and talents of your players. Some offensive teams are built on speed, some on manufacturing runs, and some on power hitting. Teams with speed can create havoc for...... Continue

Batting tee drills ... that don’t involve hitting! - Bob McCreary [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

Shortstop - Across the Bag Drill: A common mistake for shortstops is unnecessarily catching a double play ball directly over the bag. To target this, a batting tee can come in handy. Place the tee with a ball on it about 1 - 3 feet on the second...... Continue

Baseball Swing Exercises to Improve Hitting Power [ARTICLE]

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Locating and driving a 90-mph fastball is one of the most impressive feats of hand-eye coordination in all of sports. It's the one skill where if you succeed only 30 percent of the time, you are considered elite.... Continue

Runner at Third, Infield Back, Less Than Two Outs [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

With a runner at third, less than two outs, and the infield playing back, the hitter is in a great position to collect an RBI because he can do so without getting a base hit. To be in this position, the hitter has benefited from his teammate's...... Continue

Hitting behind a runner at first base [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

Left-Handed Batters. Obviously, for a left handed batter, this strategy is much simpler because all the batter must try to do is pull a ball through the right side. Although most hitters find it easier to pull balls, left handers still should...... Continue