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When you bat after the pitcher [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

At the levels below pro ball, you may find the pitcher batting anywhere in the line-up. On many high school teams and even some college teams, the pitcher may be one of the best hitters on the team and often is located in the center of...... Continue

Off-Season Baseball Exercises for Your Shoulders [ARTICLE]

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Baseball workouts typically include external and internal rotational shoulder work, along with other shoulder exercises and neutral grip dumbbell bench pressing. But coaches need to gauge how strong and stabilized their athletes are and tailor...... Continue

Base-Coaching Absolutes - Todd Guilliams [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

1. With runners on base and less than two outs, the coach cannot let the runner at first base get doubled off on a line drive. 2. The coach should remind runners not to let the second baseman tag them on their way to second base with runners on.... Continue

Another Season / New Team [ARTICLE]


As another school year and a new fall season approaches, coaches’ young and old hold high promise for the upcoming season. Even though a team may have returning players, every year a new team evolves. Last year’s chemistry is gone and a new set...... Continue

The Swing: (Lead with Hands) [ARTICLE]

by Baseball Concepts on

Begin the swing coming from the load position by bringing the hands forward and down towards the hitting zone. Hands should be brought into the hitting zone, as player begins slight rotation in the hips - do not pull out the front shoulder...... Continue

3 Drills That Improve Agility for Baseball Infielders [ARTICLE]

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The better a baseball infielder's range, the more plays he can make. But range has to be developed through baseball agility drills that work on first-step burst, quickness and acceleration. Here are three drills I use with my infielders at Ashland...... Continue

The Millennial Method [ARTICLE]

by Jason Schreiber - Alvin College on

The idea came to me at a coach's convention where a speaker emphasized we retain 10 percent of what we hear, 50 percent of what we do, and 90 percent of what we teach to someone else. For me, 90 percent represents a large number. So, I thought to...... Continue

Should Pitchers Ice After Throwing to Prevent Shoulder Injuries? [ARTICLE]

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In a sport as rooted in tradition as baseball, some habits go back so far that nobody stops to think about whether they're actually useful. Phrases like "roll the wrists at contact" while hitting, or the idea that baseball players should not lift wei... Continue

Common Third Base Mistakes [ARTICLE]

by Baseball by the Yard on

Playing too shallow. I suppose there may be coaches or players who would disagree with this but I believe it is too common. Obviously, if a third baseman has a weaker arm it would be natural for him to play a little more shallow. However, many...... Continue

Baseball Exercises: Should You Lift Overhead? [ARTICLE]

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Watch any baseball practice and you'll see pitchers and position players doing band work or performing baseball exercises before hitting the field. They may go years—even their whole careers—without making an overhead movement during training, yet...... Continue