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Right-Handed Pitcher's Pickoff to First Base [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Why do most right-handed pitchers have a difficult time holding runners at first base? The problem is twofold. First, they don't work on their deliveries to the plate with runners on first base, and second, they don't work properly on setting up ...... Continue

Bat Discipline [ARTICLE]

by Championship Productions on

Baseball coaches will all admit that the physical proficiency in hitting is keyed on meeting the ball squarely with good bat speed. They would further admit that this is a very difficult skill to master, and this is the reason why all coaches are...... Continue

Try This Baseball Hitting Drill For a Balanced Swing [ARTICLE]

by on

The Step-Back Hitting Drill is a favorite of mine, because it addresses so many aspects of the swing. Incorporate it into your training to reinforce your weight shift, keep your shoulders level, control your stride length and shore up overall timing.... Continue

How to Get the Most Benefit from Live BP Sessions [ARTICLE]

by John Cohen on

The actual hitting part of live BP ranks a distant 3rd in terms of importance to us at Mississippi State. That sounds a little crazy, but that's our opinion. In terms of offense, many coaches believe that it starts and ends with live BP. It's our...... Continue

Double Steal Defense [ARTICLE]


If a team possesses a catcher with a quick release time along with a strong accurate arm there should be very little for the defense to worry about on this play. However, if a club does not have a catcher with this type of arm and their shortstop...... Continue

Rules for Force Plays in the Infield [ARTICLE]


Every baseball coach wants to establish various rules for his infielders and pitchers in regard to force play situations on ground balls. Even if general rules are discussed, the coach will still have to rely on the baseball instinct of the player...... Continue

The Seven Sins of Outfield Play [ARTICLE]

by Steven E. Michael on

The goal of outfielders is to cleanly field the ball and efficiently get it back to the infield. I have selected seven sins that outfielders do that prevent them from achieving that goal. And if you can get your outfielders to correct these...... Continue

Catcher's Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Mirror Drill The catcher faces a mirror and reviews signals to himself while perfecting the stance in a home environment. Partner Drill The catcher faces a partner standing about 10 feet away. The catcher is critiqued for any mistakes in...... Continue

Building A Positive Relationship With Parents Promotes Winning [ARTICLE]


What are the ingredients that transform tomatoes into a great sauce? Ask any good cook that question, and they’ll all provide you with a different answer. Ask a coach, a teacher, an auto mechanic or any successful business man what makes him or...... Continue

Improving the Relationship Between Coach and Umpire [ARTICLE]

by NFHS Coaching Today on

The relationship between baseball coaches and umpires, much like a successful marriage, is built upon the ability to forgive, forget and move on to the next confrontation. It is truly one of the strangest relationships in all of sports.... Continue